Here you can download my major programs that I have released. If you are a user, you want to locate the program you want, then download the program version that is on the top of the list. Older programs are kept here just for memories and nostalgic reasons.

Programs are listed in alphabetical order. When looking for the newest version, find the PROGRAM first, then the topmost in that group.

The applications here have very little support - that means that if something bad happens, however rare, chances are I won't fix it (although I am still interested in finding and fixing some bugs, depending on the application). I am still making new versions and improved programs, but school has slowed me down greatly. If your interested in things that I am working on currently (I only post things on the site that are 'ready for use' by the general computing population) then feel free to send me an email or instant message. =)

FloorIt 2 Beta **(updated 12/2/08)** (Not supported, no longer under active development **though this may change**)

FloorIt 1.0 (Not supported)

Maze Craze:
Maze Craze 3.0 [Development on standby until further notice]:
Not yet available: Release date unknown

Maze Craze 2.4 (Not supported)

Maze Craze 2.0 (NEW - JUST FOUND IN ARCHIVES - MADE 4/24/07) (Not supported)

Maze Craze 1.3.4 (Not supported)

Maze Craze 1.3.3 (Not supported)

Maze Craze "Universal Beta 10" (Not supported)

MiniBrowseIE: [OUTDATED]
MiniBrowseIE v0.1 Beta **(updated 12/17/08)** (Not supported, no longer under development active development **may change**)

Nag@Me 1.0.1 (Supported until Summer 2010)

Notes (No longer under active development; beta; not supported **but looking for bugs!**)

SnapSuite: [OUTDATED]
SnapSuite 2009 (Alpha 2) (Not supported, development halted)

SnapSuite 2008 "Visual Basic Edition" (Not supported)

SnapSuite 2008 "NANY Edition" (ZIP File) (Not supported)

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