Furbuntu has been delayed another 2 months, sorry

Furbuntu is a small conversion project for Ubuntu (and related flavors) to make your *buntu furreh-compatible :P

It includes:

  • Boot screen (complete) Preview
  • Logon screen (complete)
  • Splash screen (one complete, more being worked on) Preview
  • Ubuntu Main Menu icon replacement (Human theme modification complete, others being worked on)
  • Cursor set
  • Sound set
  • Desktop wallpapers (complete)
  • Detailed, simple instructions
  • Source images/files for the curious

When installed, the following changes occur:

  • "Furry Inside"/"Canine Inside" Furbuntu boot screen
  • "Furry Inside"/"Canine Inside" logon screen background
  • Welcome splash screen w/ version number
  • Canine pawprint in Ubuntu orange for Main Menu icon
  • Paw cursors
  • "Rawr" logon sound
  • 59 bundled desktop backgrounds for your viewing/staring pleasure :P (including Furry Inside logon screen and splash screen)

Furbuntu should be done by the end of June - when it does become available, I take no responsibility if you break any part of your *buntu (or other) operating system due to it. It has been tested on my personal machine without problem, however there is no guarantee you will have the same success. Proceed with caution.

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