Midnight Wolf

Welcome to my Furry page. This gives you some info about me and my furiness :D

My furry name is Midnight Wolf (previously BabyTiger); my main online name is wreckedcarzz. I am a 17 year old boy from Arizona and have been a furry since age 12, just now deciding to stop keeping it a secret. I'm also slightly Plushophilic, for those that are curious ;)

I am a friendly tiger/fox/wolf mix, with a really fuzzy tail :P - I'm shy at first but romantic and outgoing once you get to know me :)

Midnight Wolf means:

  • Mature
  • Interdependent
  • Dependable
  • Night owl (wolf, actually)
  • Inquiring
  • Girly (at times)
  • Hot (so I've been told)
  • Tall
  • Wild
  • Open (I like to listen and have long conversations)
  • Lovable
  • Fiery

My old alias, BabyTiger, means:

  • Boy
  • adolescent
  • bright
  • yiffy
  • Tall
  • illuminous
  • goreless
  • easygoing
  • relaxed

That pretty much summarizes me, apart from my non-furry lifestyle that includes programming and fixing computers. I have a habit of talking in t3h l33t sp3ak a lot, but if it bugs you I can stop.

AIM: wreckedcarzz
MSN: moc.nsm|zzracdekcerw#moc.nsm|zzracdekcerw
Y!: wreckedcarzz
Xfire: wreckedcarzz

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