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Welcome to my new Source Code page :D
This change was caused by a small renovation of the site - it should be easier to get to my source code from now on (no longer scattered around).

If you are going to make changes to anything I have uploaded, all that I ask is that you give me credit somewhere, and that you please send the updated code back to me - it helps me. I have TONS of dead projects on my hard drive because somewhere along the line I got stuck on X, Y or Z and just gave up. And if someone of greater knowledge can jump that hoop and then show me how they did, I can then apply that knowledge and possibly revive what would have been nothing more than dormant files. See the contact page for info about getting hold of me.

Download. Code. Enjoy. Return.

Primary projects:

AutoHotkey projects

Visual Basic .NET Projects

All available Visual Basic .NET projects and code:

IMPORTANT: The files below require Visual Studio 2008 or newer to be opened. The code contained within may or may not create a functional application. By downloading any of these files, you must acknowledge that the data contained may harm your system and may not work as expected. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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